Sep 16 2011

Star Wars Blu-ray changes: all in one place

It’s now widely known that the recently-released Star War Blu-ray box sets feature further ‘enhancements’ to both the original films (blinking Ewoks! Vader says “Noooo!”) and the prequels (meh). Here are video clips of all of the major changes, for your perusal, derision or apathetic indifference.

First up, probably the most reviled of the changes to the original trilogy: Vader yelling “Noooo!” as he bears witness to the Emperor’s gleeful attempts to murder Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi:

Returning to the original Star Wars film, this more ambiguous edit of the Han-or-Greedo-shoots-first scene might almost be construed as an admission that having Greedo shoot first made no sense:

Next, here’s the long-overdue addition of blinking Ewoks, as demonstrated by Wicket:

Sticking with Jedi, here are a couple of updated scenes from Jabba’s Palace. First, Han’s slightly improved defrosting (if ‘improved’ is the word), followed by the totally unnecessary shoe-horning of a Phantom Menace “character” into an earlier scene. I believe it’s called a “Dug”.

There are other changes to the original trilogy, such as a better look at Jabba’s palace door (at last!) and small fixes to lightsabers and other effects. As for the prequels, it’s hard to care. Replacing The Phantom Menace’s pretty woeful Yoda puppet with a more convincing CGI model, like that used in the later prequels, is technically interesting, at least:

If this has all been too much for you, you can still pick up a copy of the DVD box set, which includes the theatrical releases as bonus material. Bear in mind that these versions are not presented in true widescreen, and have not been remastered since the trilogy’s Laserdisc release. In fact, you can still grab the actual Laserdiscs as well…