Top Ten Predator Quotes

With the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators stalking theatres from next month, and the newly-mastered ‘fully loaded’ Blu-ray edition of Predator hitting shelves shortly, here is a run down of the top ten quotes from the Schwarzenegger original.


10. Wrestler-turned-actor-turned-politician Jesse Ventura, playing Blain, makes the most of his relatively short tenure in Arnie’s team of commandos with one-liners such as…

Blain: This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

9. Bill Duke’s jittery performance as Mac is equally memorable. Determined to avenge the death of his commando buddy, he finally comes face to face with his camouflaged foe, to whom he whispers…

Sergeant Mac Eliot: I see you!

8. Poncho is probably one of the less awesome members of the team, but he provides an excellent foil for the better-than-awesome Blain in this short scene.

Poncho: You’re bleeding, man. You’re hit.

Blain: I ain’t got time to bleed.

Poncho: Oh… OK… [Poncho shoots a round of grenades at cliff top overhead]

Poncho: You got time to duck?

7. There is no doubting the legendary status of Carl Weathers (see also Arrested Development). While his character, Dillon, has a lot to prove after setting up Arnie and his comrades, his wisecracks are up there with the best of Arnie’s quips.

Dillon: [after Dutch’s trap fails to lure the Predator] So, what are you gonna try next? Cheese?

6. And, speaking of Arnie’s one-liners, here’s a fine example, delivered moments after pinning an unfortunate fellow to the wall with his improbably-sized knife.

Dutch: Stick around

5. Schwarzenegger. Weathers. The scene that establishes Arnie’s awesomeness – as if such a scene were even required!

Dutch: So why don’t you use the regular army? What do you need us for?

Dillon: ‘Cause some damn fool accused you of being the best.

Dutch: Dillon! You son of a bitch!

4. Many of Arnie’s best lines are in the delivery. On paper, the quote below might seem prosaic, but, through the power of Arnie’s acting, it takes on a power and an urgency that defies the banality of the written word.

Dutch: Get to the Chopper!

3. Blain isn’t just a bad-ass. He’s a philosopher, too.

Blain: You lose it here, you’re in a world of hurt.

2. Foreshadowing his towering performances in such comedy classics as Jingle All The Way and Junior, Schwarzenegger delivers this classic 80s ‘zinger’ with aplomb…

Dutch: [the Predator removes his mask] You’re one… ugly motherfucker!

1. Predictable, yes, but there can be no doubt that this single line – in a mere seven words – sums up the film’s entire ethos, and cements Arnie’s status as the go-to guy for all things bad ass.

Dutch: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Predators is released on 8 July in the UK (9 July in the US). The newly-mastered Blu-ray edition of Predator is available to pre-order from Amazon.

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