No Sky Thinking

As the magnificent Battlestar Galactica spins up the FTL drives and jumps towards its no doubt thrilling conclusion, the euphoric excitement that surrounds these final episodes all but dispels the malaise customarily associated with being alive on a Tuesday evening. This week, however, our frakkin‘ toaster of a Sky+ box – possibly in an act of solidarity with its Cylon cousins – decided to sabotage the recording of what promised to be one of the most balls-to-the-wall installments yet, already met with uniformly ecstatic reviews in the United States.

The nature of the sabotage was especially cruel: the apparently sentient Sky+ box knows exactly what it’s doing. The recording didn’t just fail outright – oh, no! The bastard box allowed us a few minutes of building tension, nuanced performance and simmering plot development before suddenly rendering the sound unintelligible. On screen, Gaeta reaches down to his crudely severed leg, gobbling like a demented electronic turkey: is this some subtle l├ęger de main, designed to allow his fellow conspirators to further whatever devious plan they’re warbling about? Or is that stump of a limb just really, really itchy? Thanks to Sky, we just don’t know.

Of course, following this outrage, I am compelled to complain. Channelling my anger, I deftly navigate the Sky website, refusing to be thwarted by the navigational traps designed to sap would-be crusaders of justice of their resolve. I locate the complaints form. Brilliant, I think. I quickly construct a lucid and subtly threatening expression of my dissatisfaction, designed to strike fear into the withered hearts of the bean-counting Murdoch acolytes at Sky. “Why don’t I download the remaining episodes of Galactica illegally, as everyone and their technophobe aunt seems to do?”, I postulate. Ha! That’ll hit ‘em where it hurts, I think to myself, with smug, cartoonish satisfaction.

But then I think some more. What do I hope to achieve by means of my finely crafted diatribe? The ritual sacrifice of some superfluous “customer service advisor” is, naturally, the first acceptable outcome that comes to mind. On further consideration, however, such fleeting gratification does not further my cause. Other, more prosaic solutions – a partial refund, for example – do little to quell my now directionless wrath. Maybe it’s time I leave Sky behind. Look into Freesat. Stick to consuming my favourite shows on DVD. Form more meaningful relationships with real people. I don’t know. Probably, though, I’ll just grumble ineffectually and continue to reward Sky for their galling incompetence.

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  • dr_fox Says:

    Typical Murdoch

  • Abdelkader Says:

    Tom, no.Rich, that’s just silly. Oh well, I’ll leave them to it.Does The final season have Face of the enemy’ on it? It was ratehr significant regarding the motivations of a character for the first episodes of season 4.5 and answers a dangling plotpoint from the season 3 finale, but as the region 2 releases don’t seem to include the webisodes .. The Resistance’ was pretty good, but you could get by without it as the premise is pretty clear from the outset of season 3 and final scene of season 2 .you don’t need the 10 webisodes to set it up.

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